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Welcome to Taillart

Stonemasonry - Sculpture - Creation - Restoration


Aurélien Boussin offers its expertise in stone carving and sculpture. Building professional, artist and passionate, his company benefits from the knowledge ans skills in the restoration and the cration of artwork.


According to the regions, the hardness of the stone varies and the stone cutting technology changes (by hand, by compressed hair, with portable or control machine). Thanks to his experience, he is able to adapt to different ways of working either in contemporary, modern ans sophisticated approach to perpetuate a tradition.


Services offered:

Starting from the original architectural drawings, the architectural structural elements (vaults, columns, arches, walls, foundations, profiles ...) can be extracted and restored or rebuilt from scratch just like the sculptural elements (capitals, bas-reliefs, statues, busts ...)

CREATION (Artwork)
Starting from a model chosen by you and made in clay, plaster or resin, we can offer a copy based on the following criteria:
-MATERIAL: limestone, granite, marble, terracotta, bronze ...

For each creation we decide with you a fixed size. The price is variable and determined in relation to the quality of the material, the size chosen and extimeted working time in hours.

For all your requests will be happy to give you a free quote.
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